Aim and Scope

Unitedworld Law Journal (UWLJ) is a peer-reviewed academic law journal bearing ISSN no-2457-0427, that aims at publishing high-quality original research work across a broad range of the interdisciplinary spectrum, ranging from research papers, articles, essays, book reviews, and case comments.

  • To publish high-quality original scholarly work.
  • Provide a detailed conceptualization of socio-economic phenomenon and its interplay with law and policy-making.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary and comparative research to develop a holistic and multifaceted approach toward the complex issues of today’s society.
  • Critically and intellectually engage with contemporary issues and the discourse surrounding them.
  • Enable the development of legal intellect, critical analysis, and quality research by promoting original legal writing.

UWLJ is a bi-annual journal publish in the month of June and December with a wide distribution to the Researchers, Advocates, Academicians and other aspirants of law.

Theme of the Journal

The theme of the UWLJ journal should be any topic of CONTEMPORARY LEGAL ISSUES. The main focus of the work should be the latest trend in the field or any issue pertaining to law which have National and International worth. These could be but not limited to the following themes- Business Law, Law of Contract, Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Constitutional Law, ADR, Intellectual Property Law, Cyber Law, Environmental Law, Human Rights Law and any other contemporary Legal issue.

The following broad themes are available for the authors to choose from:

  • Intellectual Property Rights in Media and Sports Law
  • Resolution Process Under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
  • Cyber Law
  • Law, Tech, and Data Privacy/Protection
  • Public Law and Policy
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Arbitration in IP, Commercial, and International Laws
  • Environmental Law
  • Law on Communications (Propagation of Fake News Across the World)

*Note: Aforementioned issues are merely indicative and not exhaustive.